Quick and simple video chat solution

Don't waste five minutes setting up a five minute video chat. HipChat video is fast, easy, and built for spontaneous meetings.

Make global feel local

Bring teammates together from across the globe with one click. Supporting up to twenty people, HipChat video allows the whole team to participate. Invite teammates through group chat rooms or a URL invite.

Share your screen instantly

Sometimes showing is easier than telling. From any video chat, quickly share your whole screen or windows to explain a design visual, issue, or document to teammates. A faster explaination means a faster resolution.

Live plugin free

HipChat video chat is all about ease. No need to install software or plugins to get it started. Start a video chat with one click from any group or private chat you're in, and invite any teammates to join.

Start video chatting for free

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of HipChat Plus. Enjoy video chat, screen sharing, group chat, and file sharing for your whole team.

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Screen sharing for teams

Sometimes it's easier to show than tell. Quickly share your screen or window from any video chat.

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Group chat for teams

Bring your team together with real time group chat available across every device.

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