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Group chat, video chat, and screen sharing, hosted on your own server

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Clearvision is an award-winning enterprise software expert. As a Platinum Atlassian Expert, Clearvision provides some of the biggest enterprise businesses around the world with professional services around agile working and the Atlassian stack. If you need a rapid and scalable implementation of HipChat, Clearvision is the resource for you.

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Get HipChat Server up and running

Install self-hosted chat in a few simple steps


  • IPv4 address
  • 2+ CPU cores (2GHz or higher) and 4.6GB+ RAM
  • 70GB+ of disk space

For a list of system requirements, read the Requirements Guide


Download 4GB OVA file

Download HipChat

For detailed instructions, read the Installation Guide.

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Deploying for 5000+ users?

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