Screen sharing built for instant communication

Easy to use and quick to start, HipChat screen sharing helps teams share ideas and make decisions faster.

One-click screen sharing

HipChat screen sharing is simple to use. From any video chat, click one button to share your screen or window. Everyone will immediately see your screen or window and be able to discuss with you.

No installs, no plugins

No need to download anything extra to start sharing your screen. HipChat screen sharing is a part of the desktop and web apps, so you'll never have to install a plugin or download a thing.

Screen share made for teamwork and collaboration

HipChat is built for teamwork. Supporting up to twenty people at one time, HipChat screen sharing allows the whole team to participate. Invite teammates through group chat rooms or a URL invite.

Start screen sharing for free

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of HipChat Plus. Enjoy screen sharing, video chat, group chat, and file sharing for your whole team.

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Group chat for teams

Bring your team together with real time group chat available across every device.

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Group video chat

Start a group video chat from any group chat. No plugins, no installs - collaborate face-to-face, and make decisions faster.

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