Release Notes

March 19, 2018 v4.30.1

  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

November 16, 2017 v4.30.1

  • Fixed: The window can once again be dragged by the blue bar (without having to click into the app from the background)
  • Fixed: A couple crashes related to the High Sierra (10.13) macOS update
  • Fixed: Popup notifications should no longer duplicate

August 16, 2017 v4.30.0

  • Improved: Inserting smilies from the Smiley tooltip will now insert the smiley at the cursor instead of adding it to the end of the line.
  • Fixed: Certain character sequences in the username would prevent the client from being able to connect. (HCPUB-134)
  • Fixed: The Files and Links sidebars wouldn't update correctly after reconnecting.
  • Fixed: Searching for rooms with "+" or "-" in the name would fail. (HCPUB-2240)
  • Fixed: Email addresses that included hyphens weren't being linked correctly. (HCPUB-2090)
  • Fixed: URLs that included an email address or login credentials weren't being linked correctly. (HCPUB-2427, HCPUB-2323, HCPUB-2841)
  • Fixed: Links with the "radr://" protocol weren't being linked correctly. (HCPUB-2346, HCPUB- 2282)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

November 21, 2016 v4.29.0

  • New: Touch Bar! One more excuse for you to buy a new MacBook Pro. Use the Touch Bar to open a chat, start a video chat, change your presence, and more.
  • New: We added new slash commands. Type /pre or /monospace to apply monospace formatting to the text in a message. Like /code, but for the rest of us.
  • Improved: The HipChat client would sometimes get a little confused about its online status while connected to a VPN. We got that sorted out, and reconnection should be more reliable than ever. (HCPUB-1471)
  • Improved: Animated GIFs as avatars are fun and all, but they can be a bit of a drain on your CPU. We've added a new Appearance setting that lets you disable your teammates' animated avatars and give your CPU a break. (HCPUB-1744)
  • Improved: HipChat Video, in general. It's all kinds of more awesome.
  • Fixed: Newly created rooms weren't immediately available for users connected to HipChat Server instances. (HCPUB-1268)
  • Fixed: Notification messages that included a mention were not triggering the appropriate notifications.
  • Fixed: When trying to delete a room while offline, the dialog would stay open until you restarted the app.
  • Fixed: Searching for rooms or people was slow for large teams.
  • Fixed: Various smaller bug fixes and crashes.

October 17, 2016 v4.28.1

  • Improved: Decreased download size.
  • Fixed: Various security fixes.

September 29, 2016 v4.28.0

  • Improved: Exact matches for search results now appear at the top.
  • Improved: Emoticons and text can now cozy on up to each other. The emoticon will still show up if you have text right next to it.
  • Improved: It's easier to search for accented characters.
  • Improved: Better messaging when trying to upload images larger than 50MB.
  • Improved: Room and user names in the header are now selectable. (HCPUB-1255)
  • Improved: Standardized room admin messaging / bolding of room members.
  • Fixed: The app was hanging momentarily when you used the shortcut key to switch tabs.
  • Fixed: Pasting text with hidden characters sometimes caused the client to disconnect. (HCPUB-412)
  • Fixed: When you searched for users with the same first and last initial, the search results were duplicating their first names.
  • Fixed: File previews were disappearing when you navigated away from and back to a chat.
  • Fixed: Added safeguards to prevent the "Offline" banner from showing when the client wasn't actually offline.
  • Fixed: Various other bug fixes.

September 6, 2016 v4.27.0

  • New: HipChat Mac will try reconnecting automatically if it wasn't able to connect due to poor network conditions.
  • New: Drag links or chunks of text into HipChat, and they'll get added to your chat input field.
  • Improved: Zoom in/out is now applied to all organizations simultaneously.
  • Improved: HipChat now turns a broader range of URLs into links. (HCPUB-1121)
  • Improved: File uploads are now grouped with regular messages.
  • Improved: If you're disconnected from the internet, messages will fail faster so you don't spend time waiting.
  • Fixed: The list of emoticons could get out of sync with the server. (HCPUB-538, HCPUB-1112 & HCPUB-1175)
  • Fixed: Scrolling in the Lobby or Quick Switcher was unreliable when zoomed in or out. (HCPUB-14)
  • Fixed: Users couldn't send messages immediately after unarchiving a room. (HCPUB-289)
  • Fixed: Getting invited to a room doesn't close your open dialogs anymore. (HCPUB-1258)
  • Fixed: The "Invite your team" link wasn't showing up for non-admins. (HCPUB-573)
  • Fixed: Lengthy messages without line breaks weren't getting the "Show more/less" treatment. (HCPUB-1192)
  • Fixed: Your teammates weren't seeing changes to your username until they restarted the app.
  • Fixed: The File Viewer didn't close when closing a room with a keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixed: Notifications about guest access being enabled or disabled weren't showing up right away.
  • Fixed: The 😎 smiley was getting inserted a bit too eagerly.
  • Fixed: Various smaller bug fixes and crashes.

August 16, 2016 v4.26.1

  • Fixed: A few bugs around the HipChat Video experience for HipChat Server customers.

August 11, 2016 v4.26.0

  • New: HipChat will now ask to move itself to the Applications folder if it's not already there.
  • New: Hitting ESC while in the search field will clear your text and put focus back on the chat input field so you can keep on chatting.
  • New: After you drag and drop a file into HipChat, the focus gets put back on the chat input field.
  • Improved: We made switching chats faster. (boom)
  • Fixed: Users removed from a private room could still see the room in the lobby and the quick switcher. (HCPUB-461)
  • Fixed: Rooms with ampersands in their names were displaying incorrectly in the quick switcher. (HCPUB-1050)
  • Fixed: Messages didn't stay scrolled to the bottom when opening and closing the right-hand sidebar. (HCPUB-1029)
  • Fixed: Changing the 24-hour time setting did not reflect on the chat header in 1-to-1 chats. (HCPUB-276)
  • Fixed: Notification sounds were not working for users on OS X 10.9. (HCPUB-144)
  • Fixed: Some HipChat Server users would find themselves logged out after sleep. This should no longer be the case. (HCPUB-1257)
  • Fixed: Users set to DND who've set their preferences to "Stop all notifications" were getting notifications for calls. Now you're disturbance free.
  • Fixed: Users connecting to older versions of HipChat Server were not able to preview PDFs in HipChat.
  • Fixed: When users scrolled up a few times to load chat history, it would jump back down to recent chats. We settled that odd behavior.
  • Fixed: Inserting an @ mention at the beginning of a word would replace that word with the mention.
  • Fixed: After deleting a room topic, it would revert back to the previous topic. Deleting now actually deletes.
  • Fixed: Long messages weren't wrapping correctly when hiding the right sidebar.
  • Fixed: Various other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed: The app should now properly respect the "hide on startup" option under macOS Login Items.
  • Fixed: Pasting images from Safari image preview will now attach the image.
  • Fixed: HipChat URLs will now focus the relevant room/user when passed their ID.

July 19, 2016 v4.25.0

  • Improved: The app didn't automatically scroll the left sidebar as you tried to drag & drop chats to reorder them. Now it does.
  • Fixed: Sharing a link to a very large image would cause the app to freeze. (HCPUB-112)
  • Fixed: Some preferences weren't being saved when connecting to older versions of HipChat Server. (HCPUB-10 & HCPUB-1035)
  • Fixed: The "Hide inline previews by default" preference wasn't hiding inline previews for images from file uploads and links. (HCPUB-1072)

July 12, 2016 v4.24.0

  • New: Updated app versioning to become more consistent across clients. We've gone from 4.0.12 to 4.24.0
  • New: Avatars in the room member list. Yep, now easily identify room members with avatars.
  • New: For rooms with over 100 members, the room's member list now sorts alphabetically rather than by presence.
  • Improved: New color schemes for /code messages in both light and dark themes make your code crisper and easier to read.
  • Improved: Get chatting faster with a speedier reconnection after a lost connection or waking your computer from sleep, as well as better indicators for your current reconnection status.
  • Fixed: Your status was being set to available after reconnecting to the app, even if you had set it to away or DND. Now it returns you to the status you set before you disconnected.
  • Fixed: When using the desktop and mobile apps at the same time, your status would change to "away" while you were online.
  • Fixed: The room member list was getting sorted incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Video calls now change your status to "busy" for the duration of the call.
  • Fixed: Various crashes & bugs

May 25, 2016 v4.0.12

  • New: HipChat Server is now even more secure with support for OAuth2 when authenticating.
  • Improved: HipChat now takes up much less of your computer's energy! If you have connected multiple groups or are disconnected, HipChat no longer requires high-performance GPU.
  • Improved: We now show a loading indicator on the URL bar during the login process.
  • Improved: Your time is precious. If a file is larger than the size limit of 50 MB, we now alert you before it's attached. Hey, every second counts!
  • Improved: Video calls will now use your profile image when not actively broadcasting video.
  • Improved: Better handling for calls being received while another call is in progress.
  • Improved: Things feel cozier in here. Cached rooms and names now take up considerably less space. Enjoy the extra leg room.
  • Improved: The message input will focus more reliably, particularly when launching the app and switching back from other apps.
  • Improved: Closing the app will now immediately close all windows rather than just the main chat window.
  • Fixed: Pasting a file through the right-click menu used to only paste text. Now it behaves the same as cmd+v, pasting the actual file.
  • Fixed: New HipChat Server customers must configure their instance before chatting. Now we make sure you take this necessary step before logging in.
  • Fixed: Notifications will now be removed from Notification Center after focusing the app.
  • Fixed: "Quiet" mode is truly quiet again. When in "quiet" mode, some messages were triggering audible notifications or popups.
  • Fixed: Short and local links are now rendered as a link...because those are links, too.
  • Fixed: Notifications from rooms you closed. Sometimes you received message notifications after you closed a room.
  • Fixed: When sharing emails addresses within parentheses, the link would break. Now those emails are linked correctly - parentheses and all.
  • Fixed: File upload preview sometimes shifted out of view.
  • Fixed: Replies from popup notifications weren't making it into the app. We fixed that up.
  • Fixed: Deleted rooms were not always removed properly.
  • Fixed: Video chat is great, but getting hung up on - not so much. When users stopped sharing their window during a call, the call would end. Sorry, that was rude. We fixed this up.
  • Fixed: Removing a guest from a private room caused all guests to be removed from the room.
  • Fixed: If you enable "Log additional chat data" under the "Help" menu, this setting now respects whichever group you are currently in, not affecting your other groups.
  • Fixed: There were a few bugs causing some users' apps to crash. We smashed those pesky critters.

May 11, 2016 v4.0.10

  • Improved: We've added better text formatting when you copy and paste message history.
  • Improved: The search logic for the New Chat dialog is now a bit more flexible and supports special characters.
  • Improved: You can now choose to bounce the dock icon for new messages just once or continually until you focus the app.
  • Fixed: On OSX 10.10 Yosemite, the app would sometimes freeze and become unusable.
  • Fixed: Users with a poor network connection were getting logged out of HipChat when trying to reconnect.
  • Fixed: Switching or closing rooms and 1-to-1s quickly could cause the app to behave oddly.
  • Fixed: The @mention search didn't allow searching for users with special characters in their names or @mention names.

April 13, 2016 v4.0.8

  • Improved: Option+Up/Down now cycles through your previously sent messages (just in case you need to resend them or copy them over to another room)
  • Improved: Searching for users and rooms using the quick switcher now allows partial matching instead of only searching from the start of words
  • Improved: Widened options for inserting new lines into messages (pretty much anything but ⌘ will work now)
  • Improved: The minimum window width has been decreased to 720px
  • Improved: User join/leave messages in rooms are much less repetitive
  • Fixed: User status in the header was getting out of sync under certain conditions and getting stuck in "Available" or "Away" status
  • Fixed: Group admins weren't properly notified if they were kicked out of a private room
  • Fixed: Ninja edits (s/old/new) now work properly on emote messages
  • Fixed: Added checks to avoid oddities around increasing or decreasing text size and things not getting positioned properly
  • Fixed: Opening a room containing a "/" in its name by clicking on a notification should no longer trigger a confusing error message in the app
  • Fixed: Names with apostrophes will now properly display tooltips
  • Fixed: Files with certain special characters in the file name wouldn't upload
  • Fixed: "Share the First File" link was not working properly in Mac/Windows clients
  • Fixed: A few minor bugs around the unread divider line

March 24, 2016 v4.0.6

  • New: You can now scroll down in the Files and Links panels to load older content shared by your team
  • Improved: Notifications from API messages will now display more informative text
  • Improved: Spelling autocorrection now defaults to off (may be enabled via the in-app UI or top-level Edit menu)
  • Improved: Setting your status via the upper right menu is more streamlined
  • Improved: In rooms with lots of participants, HipChat is smarter in handling all the updates of who's online and who's away
  • Improved: We've added more efficient caching and syncing of your team's rooms and people to make startup considerably faster
  • Improved: After switching from a standard to a high resolution monitor, you'll see high resolution emoticons
  • Improved: Incoming video calls are much less intrusive, allowing you to keep chatting and answer (or ignore) calls when you're ready
  • Improved: Code blocks now include line numbers
  • Improved: Reset search fields by pressing the escape key
  • Improved: Truncating of names in the navigation panel is less greedy
  • Improved: Files are now sorted by date
  • Improved: Cards attached to messages can now be collapsed
  • Fixed: Users in private room would sometimes show as offline when they weren't - now they will properly appear online
  • Fixed: The "bounce the dock icon" preference should once again work properly (even if you don't have any other forms of notification turned on)
  • Fixed: The presence slash commands (/here, /back, /away, /dnd) will now work properly without needing to include a status message
  • Fixed: Continued improvements to avoid freezing issues in the app
  • Fixed: Error messages in the "Invite people to Room" form were disappearing unexpectedly
  • Fixed: After reconnecting, sometimes a few messages were missing from a chat's history
  • Fixed: HipChat would sometimes freeze after disconnecting
  • Fixed: After closing HipChat, the last chat you had opened wouldn't reopen the next time you started HipChat
  • Fixed: Sometimes availability statuses were incorrect
  • Fixed: Some folks were getting an error saying they had 10 sessions active when they certainly did not

March 4, 2016 v4.0.5

  • Fixed: Animated gifs were sometimes triggering bizarre graphics glitches - these should be alleviated
  • Fixed: Added several improvements aimed at avoiding crashing and freezing issues
  • Fixed: Reconnecting should be more stable and includes changes aimed at avoiding unnecessary logouts
  • Fixed: Users connected to multiple organizations can now differentiate popup notifications between various accounts
  • Fixed: The window now has a proper title, allowing it to interact properly with some 3rd party tools
  • Fixed: Clicking on a notification will now focus the app, even if the window was previously closed

February 23, 2016 v4.0.4

  • The Mac 4.0 release is here!
  • NOTE: Due to the extensive changes we've made between versions 3.x and 4.x, you will need to re-enter your account credentials when upgrading
  • NOTE: Mac 4.0 is compatible with HipChat Server version 1.2.8 and above. New: Appearance settings (we suggest dark theme with avatars)
  • New: Quick switcher from New chat button and ⌘N
  • New: Per-room notification settings
  • Improved: Application look and feel
  • Improved: Better flow for adding new accounts
  • Fixed: Lots of bugs

December 16, 2015 v3.3.7

  • Deprecated: This version will be the last update to support OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Please update your OS to at least 10.9 (Mavericks) to continue using the latest and greatest HipChat OS X apps.
  • Fixed: "Show more" links will once again properly work on 10.8
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where some 10.11 users were unable to view emoticons and linked images in chat
  • Fixed: Properly handle notifications / dock badging for messages that come in while the main window is closed, but the app is still in the foreground
  • Fixed: Various security fixes to avoid unexpected script execution
  • Fixed: Editing a long message will no longer duplicate it

September 4, 2015 v3.3.6

  • Improved: The help popup in the upper right of the app has shrunk and the "marketingy" stuff has been cut off
  • Fixed: Deleted emoticons will now be properly removed upon app load or reconnection
  • Fixed: Improved security surrounding potentially malicious links pasted in chat
  • Fixed: Added a safeguard against the "lost all my tabs" bug that some users reported - please let us know if you encounter this issue after upgrading (by dropping us an email at

June 23, 2015 v3.3.2

  • Improved: Better reconnection behavior to avoid unnecessary load on the servers
  • Fixed: Resolved a crash some users were experiencing on startup

June 15, 2015 v3.3.1

  • Improved: Removed the organization name from toaster notifications when you only have one account. You don't need to see that.
  • Fixed: Avoid crash related to creating a room
  • Fixed: Signing out will clear any saved credentials. Users sharing a computer no longer need to remember to remove their account to avoid others signing into it.
  • Fixed: ⌘-tabbing to a full-screen HipChat should properly put focus in the message box
  • Fixed: (10.8 systems) The client won't crash anymore when you create a room and invite people
  • Fixed: Using /dnd (and other presence slash commands) will now properly set your status message instead of just changing your availability
  • Fixed: Improved error messaging around missing password issues

June 6, 2015 v3.3

  • New: Now connect multiple HipChat accounts! Add your other accounts in Preferences.
  • Improved: Reconnection! Faster, more stable reconnection.
  • Fixed: Avoid automatically selecting "Airplay" devices when making audio or video calls
  • Changed: The client now uses port 5223 for its main connection - please ensure your firewalls are up-to-date.

February 5, 2015 v3.2.1

  • Fixes a couple frequent crashes on 10.7 and 10.8 systems related to in-app invite

January 29, 2015 v3.2

  • New: In-app invite! Added new UI to invite from within the app
  • Out with the old: This is the last build that will support OS X 10.7. Added a deprecation warning suggesting users upgrade.
  • Improved: The app will more reliably attempt to reconnect, particularly in that super-common case of waking your laptop from sleep
  • Fixed: Got rid of an odd issue where history would sometimes not display when waking a laptop from sleep
  • Fixed: The dialog for joining a new chat will now properly accept non-alphanumeric characters, like # and (
  • Fixed: Updated the 3.2 release to fix some hanging issues in the original

December 29, 2014 v3.1.6

  • Improved: Reconnection logic. The app should never go long periods of time without detecting a loss of network.
  • Fixed: Closing a tab will no longer cause the currently focused tab to change
  • Fixed: The forgot password link now points to the correct place when connecting via HipChat Server
  • Fixed: Blank images inserted by API messages should no longer cause empty history for rooms
  • Fixed: New rooms are now properly added to the app when they are created by another user

November 25, 2014 v3.1

  • New: The Lobby tab has migrated to become one with the "New Chat" button in the header
  • Improved: Updated smiley emoticons. They now blend better with Yosemite's flat design and won't be quite so cramped when displayed next to each other.
  • Improved: Reduce the loading spinner assault on app load (now you will only see one spinner while we fetch all your information on launch)
  • Fixed: Removed that weird partial-blur effect from the autocomplete popups on Yosemite
  • Fixed: A bunch of of small text tweaks and other bug fixes

October 28, 2014 v3.0.13

  • Fixed: Added checks to prevent an issue that could cause the app to freeze up (particularly on OS X Yosemite)
  • Fixed: Rooms will now properly populate in the Lobby during initial sign in instead of being limited to just your open tabs
  • Fixed: XSS security issue related to unsafe schemes
  • Fixed: Popup notifications will now properly show when the app is focused and you receive a message in another tab
  • Fixed: Resolved several issues around history not loading in rooms containing API notifications
  • Fixed: Resolved a crashing issue prevalent on 10.7
  • Fixed: Cycling through sent message history should now behave properly when editing or re-sending old messages
  • Fixed: Whitespace in HTML system messages should now display properly between HTML tags
  • Improved: HipChat now compresses .app and .key "files" before uploading

October 16, 2014 v3.0.9

  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where the input area for messages would disappear after performing a search
  • Improved: Added left borders to system messages to help differentiate them from regular chat messages
  • Improved: Toggling pasted text with "Show more" will no longer cause text to jump erratically
  • Fixed: Added a fix to prevent 1-1 messages that trigger a tab to open from appearing twice in the chat view
  • Changed: Removed the lobby footer display. Check out the new information / help icon in the header!

October 2, 2014 v3.0.6

  • New - Users on OS X 10.9 and above can now reply to Notification Center popups in-line
  • New - Added new help button to the app header
  • Fixed - Hitting enter multiple times when uploading a file will no longer upload multiple copies of the file
  • Improved - Profile pictures are now resized to be consistently square and keep the header pretty
  • Improved - App polish - more consistent fonts and spacing

September 18, 2014 v3.0.4

  • Fixed - Audio now works with USB headsets
  • Fixed - /quote and /code no longer replace emoticons and links with HTML
  • Fixed - Private rooms will properly show a gray dot for users not currently in the room
  • Fixed - Image toggle icons are once again visible to those without super vision
  • Fixed - No troll "X"s - the close "X" will properly display on the next tab after closing a tab with your mouse
  • Fixed - 1-1 messages won't cause duplicate messages at the bottom of the chat when triggering a tab to open
  • Fixed - Resolved an issue where sometimes the chat view and selected tab would become mismatched (mostly 1-1s)
  • Fixed - Tabs will no longer jump to the bottom of their section after opening a new chat
  • Fixed - Lots of crashes (awyeah)
  • Improved - Better contrast for messages with colored backgrounds
  • Improved - Reduced input field to a single line instead of that weird 1.8 lines it used to be
  • Improved - Guest access isn't so in-your-face anymore - it has found a new home in the top level menu and as part of the "room options" button
  • Improved - Reduced height of top "profile" bar in rooms and 1-1s.

September 3, 2014 v3.0

  • New - Redesigned HipChat with a simpler and lighter interface
  • New - Redesigned header with quick access to search, presence, and settings
  • New - Redesigned (and faster) Lobby with quick search
  • New - Presence icons to improve accessibility
  • New - Emoticon autocomplete (awyeah)
  • New - Sidebar now separates People and Rooms
  • New - 1-to-1 chat design with user's local time
  • New - Unread message counts for messages and @mentions
  • New - Indicator when unread chats are offscreen
  • New - 'New chat' button in the header to help new users join 1-1 chats and rooms faster
  • Improved - 'Empty state' display when chats, sidebars, or the lobby are void of information
  • Improved - Search results

June 11, 2014 v2.6

  • Search results are now shown within the app
  • Added loading indicators during login
  • Fixed various crashing issues
  • Improved messaging around errors and reconnecting

May 9, 2014 v2.5.6

  • Feedback received! Updated logo to be more fitting on OS X

May 2, 2014 v2.5.5

  • Updated logo!
  • Updated ringtones for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Open chats (and tab order) will now be saved immediately before quitting the app
  • The client should no longer crash when opening the preferences window before logging in
  • Added fixes for various background crashing issues
  • The "remember me" checkbox will now properly forget passwords between client restarts
  • Name and email should be pre-filled on the crash reporting UI

April 22, 2014 v2.5.4

  • Tabs should no longer disappear on startup or when waking from sleep
  • Updates to users, emoticons, and rooms should now properly appear without having to restart the client
  • Fixed video crashing issue on computers running 10.7
  • Various fixes for crashes around reconnecting and loading rooms

April 4, 2014 v2.5.2

  • Fixed awful performance issue caused by quickly switching tabs
  • Various other minor crash fixes

April 1, 2014 v2.5.1

  • Audio / Video calling will now work on machines running 10.7 (Lion)
  • Fixed an issue where cached data was getting stored at an improper location
  • Video feedback UI will now show after all calls
  • Various crashing issues have been fixed, particularly around video calls
  • Fixed an issue where all history messages would trigger notifications on app load

March 18, 2014 v2.5

  • Video is now in public beta! Make 1:1 video and audio calls and share screens with other users on OSX, Android, iOS, or web chat. Please note, we are working to resolve an issue on systems running 10.7 - video may not work for 10.7 users.
  • That crazy Google translate link that's been going around will no longer crash the app
  • Fixed a significant performance issue while loading the Lobby.
  • Added fixes for various crashing issues throughout the app

November 4, 2013 v2.4

  • Mavericks: Selecting users during private room creation now uses type-to-select UI
  • Mavericks: The "Uploading file..." message will now properly disappear after the file finishes uploading
  • Mavericks: Fixed performance issue with hovering over tabs and rows in the Lobby
  • Added @here option to trigger @-mention notifications only for people currently active in the room
  • Improved idle detection. Should now work with programs like Synergy.
  • Display mention names for guest users
  • Multi-byte characters should now properly display in popup (Growl) notifications
  • Added a preference section for HipChat Server. Interested in beta-testing? Let us know at
  • Add /clear slash command to clear out chat history in the current tab
  • Guest users should now be properly removed from rosters when they leave the room
  • Updated guest access toggle with clearer UI
  • Room topics will now reflect changes initiated by the API
  • You may now click in order to select an item from the @-mention autocomplete popup
  • File size for pasted image data (before uploading) has been corrected
  • Added a minimum window size to avoid having the Lobby tab disappear
  • Spelling correction preferences are now shared among chats and remembered between sessions
  • Tabbing (and shift-tabbing) through the message input, emoticon button, upload button, and send button should now work as expected
  • Fixed issue with links containing the <, >, or & characters after them
  • Right clicking to download files will now pre-fill the proper file name
  • Stability fixes to avoid crashing, particularly around startup/reconnection
  • Hitting CMD+W while in the Lobby will now close the main window

August 15, 2013 v2.3

  • Clicking on links in the files tab will no longer crash the client (oops)

August 14, 2013 v2.2

  • Fix an issue with escaping certain characters in messages

August 13, 2013 v2.1

  • Chats will now trigger notifications if the tab is not focused, even if the app is in the foreground
  • The up and down keys will no longer cycle through sent message history (cmd+up/down will continue to work as normal)
  • Using page up and page down in the input box will now scroll the chat
  • URLs behind HTTP basic auth will no longer trigger a popup
  • Separated various notifications in Growl. This will allow users to control them individually from Growl's preferences.
  • Fixed a bug when setting topics with html strings
  • Users can now remain in DND status when their computer goes idle
  • "User is typing..." messages won't disappear when you send a message now
  • Fix for displaying long links with the & character in them
  • Guests will now properly be removed from the room roster when they disconnect
  • Better handling of non-html system messages
  • When creating a room, the topic entered will now actually be used (oops)

June 20, 2013 v2.0

  • Fixed a severe performance issue (from 0.36) when loading chats
  • Fix link alignment in topics
  • Avoid requiring use of dedicated GPU
  • Updated missing retina images

June 18, 2013 v0.36

  • Fix for broken "Show full text" links

June 14, 2013 v0.35

  • The unread divider now clears when the app loses focus
  • Added an option to enable/disable the unread divider
  • Various changes to avoid background crashes
  • Fix issue where trying to undo too many times would cause an internal crash
  • Revised context menu in chat and added support for downloading files
  • Updated About window
  • Fixed error handling when creating new rooms
  • Multi-line messages will now display emoticons / links/ @-mentions and not display in monospaced font. For monospace, please use the "/quote" command
  • Added the "Create Room" button back to the lobby
  • Fixed the O:) emoticons

May 21, 2013 v0.34

  • The emoticon menu is back :)
  • Added an "unread" bar to show messages received since the chat was last viewed
  • Fix for issue where creating a new room would trigger invites upon subsequent joins
  • Guest members in rooms will now show with the proper icon
  • Revamped the style of the login window
  • Clicking your photo next to the status display will now bring you to a page where you can change it
  • The app will no longer show more than one settings window
  • Fix for issue where loading previous history would sometimes skip blocks of time, resulting in missing history
  • Using cmd+T to open rooms now works more easily with accented characters
  • Added help menus for keyboard shortcuts and emoticons
  • Proper default values for notification preferences

May 1, 2013 v0.32

  • Added room control functionality (delete, add/remove users, change privacy, archive) available through the menu or via the lobby
  • Room owners will now show as bold in the room roster
  • Fixed a bug where copying removed text between emoticons
  • The lobby and tab sidebar will now update properly when room information changes (name/privacy setting)
  • Handle users getting removed from the group (tabs should no longer show up as empty for deleted users)
  • Fixed an issue where messages would occasionally fail to get sent to other users when after closing and reopening tabs
  • Send typing notifications to other clients
  • Messages sent before history is finished loading should now send properly after loading finishes

April 15, 2013 v0.31

  • Files and links sidebar
  • Added option to show release notes (Help -> Release Notes)
  • Fixes for various crashing issues
  • Added volume control for sound notifications
  • Guest access is now disabled for non-admins (instead of showing an error message when clicked)
  • Truncate tab names at the end instead of in the middle
  • Pressing "enter" will now correctly set the topic instead of doing nothing
  • Emails within links should no longer break linkification
  • Fixed an issue where sending certain characters caused the client to disconnect
  • Added right-click menu to the dock icon for setting status
  • @-mentions within parentheses should now highlight correctly
  • Pasting text no longer collapses multiple empty lines

April 5, 2013 v0.30

  • Tabs will no longer be added when copying only a single line of text
  • Using /code will now add pretty formatting to code pastes

March 29, 2013 v0.29

  • Fix for missing messages in rooms. Missing messages in 1:1 chat should have been fixed with an update in v0.27
  • Copying text from the chat will now format more nicely for pasting elsewhere

March 27, 2013 v0.28

  • Fixed an issue where the app did not refresh properly when reconnecting

March 26, 2013 v0.27

  • Roster and emoticon changes should now be reflected without having to restart the app or sign out/in
  • Fixed a handful of crashes around mentioning and showing link previews
  • Enabled clicking on autocomplete results for room invite and room joining popups
  • Display messages when users are added or removed form private rooms
  • Non-custom emoticons are now checked in a caseless manner - both :p and :P should now work

March 19, 2013 v0.26

  • Fix message input to not go under the attach file button
  • Manually trigger reconnect on laptop wake
  • Don't show raw html in popup notifications
  • Drag & drop of file data should properly pre-fill the filename field more reliably
  • Only highlight @-mentions when the mention name matches an existing user
  • Show full names when hovering over @-mentions
  • Fix gif auto-hiding
  • Another potential fix for messages not showing up in chat despite getting a notification correctly. If you continue to have the issue, please let us know at

March 13, 2013 v0.24

  • Add UI for setting status message after setting status
  • Added shortcuts to toggle sidebars (ctrl+cmd+left/right)
  • Updated preferences window, removed some unused prefs
  • Tweaks for handling window/pane resizing - avoid too little space for sections
  • Added file attachment button to chat views
  • Don't trigger notifications while in Do Not Disturb status
  • Handle remember me checkbox properly
  • Fixed an issue where the message input wouldn't focus by clicking the chat area after a reconnect

March 8, 2013 v0.23

  • Potential fix for missing messages issue (receive notification but no message shown in chat)
  • Added CMD+OPT+Up/Down tab-switching shortcut
  • Fix for issue causing crashes when waking from sleep

March 5, 2013 v0.22

  • Guest access can now be toggled via the normal UI in below the room roster
  • Users can now be invited to a room via the Room -> Invite Users... menu or ⌘I
  • Added a shortcut (^-SHIFT-T) and menu item for changing room topics
  • Font size modifications are now preserved between sessions and will also control font size within the message input area
  • The lobby will now refresh on focus (adding/removing rooms as appropriate)
  • Having a modal dialog showing will no longer cause the client to prevent a system shutdown
  • Previous message history can be accessed via ⌘-Up/Down (or regular Up/Down)
  • The message input should now focus correctly whenever the main window receives focus
  • Tabs may be closed via middle-click
  • Hitting enter while on the UI to rename a file upload will now focus the message input area
  • Fix retina icons
  • System messages with the "notify" parameter set will now properly show toaster notifications
  • Shift+enter now inserts a newline into the message input area
  • Fix for an issue causing the client to sometimes crash when switching tabs
  • Added search UI in the lobby (auto-focused when viewing the lobby)
  • The reconnect message should no longer get stuck displayed after reconnecting
  • Correctly show notice when sent messages are not confirmed by the server

February 19, 2013 v0.21

  • Add cmd+f to bring up search UI
  • Added retina versions for app icons
  • Handle dragging images from browsers
  • Add UI for changing topic (double click topic bar)
  • Don't trigger notifications when the app is focused
  • Add functions for controlling font size (cmd +/-, menu options)
  • The signup and help links on the login screen should no longer show "Random error messages"
  • Set window title when focusing a chat
  • Allow cycling through tabs with keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix font for email in profile sidebar

February 12, 2013 v0.19

  • Update to fix crashing issue caused by roster handling
  • NOTE: Some users may need to sign out in order to clear existing caches before the client loads properly

February 8, 2013 v0.18

  • Additional fixes for handling presence / prevent users from displaying offline unexpectedly
  • Clicking on tabs while the app in the background will switch tabs
  • Files can be dropped in the chat area to trigger an upload

February 6, 2013 v0.17

  • Feedback button should properly prompt users to sign in with their HipChat credentials
  • Resizing window will now delegate size changes to center panel
  • Handle invite notifications
  • Sync tab openings between clients
  • Fixes for avoiding "everyone is offline" or "I show up as offline" issues

February 1, 2013 v0.16

  • Fixed an issue where the current user would show up as offline in their status even after logging in
  • Clicking on the dock icon after "X"ing out will now re-show the main window
  • Switching between the lobby and other chats should now correctly focus the message input
  • Clear password when logging out
  • 1:1 messages which cause tabs to open should properly display the initial message in the history (re-fixed from previous version)
  • Clicking in the chat view will focus the message input. Double-clicking to highlight should work as expected.
  • Updated feedback icon
  • Various performance improvements (especially for larger groups)
  • Very small files (<1K) now display the correct size
  • Fixed an issue where files would fail to upload in 1:1 chats

January 29, 2013 v0.15

  • Various fixes for crashes getting reported via new crash report UI
  • Highlight tabs with "blue" mentions (@all/@) in yellow
  • Prevent initial message from failing to display in 1:1: chats
  • Correctly sync indexes of tabs for auto join
  • Clicking on the chat area will now focus the message input field
  • Fix error message for entering a bad password
  • Fix display of room leave messages
  • Tabs should now properly re-highlight according to unread state upon reconnecting

January 25, 2013 v0.14

  • Add UI for reporting crashes (Apple's crash reports don't go to us)
  • Add cmd+option+left/right for switching tabs
  • Proper font for message input
  • Cleanup for uploading files (show file size / fix uploading image files)
  • The join chat UI will now put first-word maches above others
  • s/// messages you sent should no longer trigger a double-replacements
  • Fixes for tab syncing with other clients

January 23, 2013 v0.13

  • Disable autocorrect in message input box
  • Increase update check frequency
  • Use correct font for text in message input area
  • Don't force the app into the foreground on reconnect
  • Handle substitution (s/// messages)
  • Various performance and error-handling improvements

January 19, 2013 v0.12

  • Fix for 10.7 issues (hover in lobby, clicking on tabs)
  • Show latest news at bottom of lobby

January 18, 2013 v0.11

  • Cleanup for some background roster operations - should reduce random crashes users have experienced
  • Center status icons (were a pixel off)
  • Hopefully improve lobby highlight in 10.7
  • Enable the send button in chat view (troll)
  • Add cmd-shift-t to reopen last tab
  • Fix click area for tabs in 10.7

January 9, 2013 v0.10

  • Initial create room flow (cmd-shift-n or File -> New Chat)
  • Cmd-9 now goes to the last tab as designed
  • Pasting images from Chrome (via "Copy Image") should work as expected (possibly from other programs as well)
  • Added button linking to help / feedback forum

January 3, 2013 v0.9

  • Better autocomplete for joining chats (search on words)
  • Fix for scrolling after reconnection
  • Don't show users in private rooms as active if they're not in the room
  • Tab dragging
  • Tabs should no longer remain red after viewing them

December 29, 2012 v0.8

  • Better handling of disconnection, reconnection, and displaying errors on login
  • Show room topics
  • Tabs will now highlight whenever a new message is received. Unread counts only go up based on notification prefs.
  • Show profile data for 1:1 chats
  • Fix arc4random_uniform crash issue on 10.6
  • Send idle times up to server (users running the mac client should now show idle times as expected)

December 21, 2012 v0.7

  • NOTE: The "Reconnect now" link is not working yet (known issue :)
  • The reconnection popup should no longer randomly pop up when the connection isn't actually lost
  • Always scroll so the selected tab is visible
  • Scroll up to load history
  • Better memory management for chats
  • Hide autocomplete if there are no matches
  • Clean up some disconnection / logout logic to avoid stale data
  • Added code to avoid id's in the roster instead of names
  • Closing the current chat should now properly focus the newly selected chat

December 19, 2012 v0.6

  • Fix for chats view not updating when closing / switching tabs
  • Memory leak fix when logging out
  • Show uploading view when uploading files
  • "X" on tabs should not suddenly highlight when opening/closing tabs
  • Notifications should now fall back to Notification Center if Growl isn't installed
  • Handle notification clicks
  • Focus message input when the app receives focus (avoid cmd-tab, can't type problem)
  • Reconnect whenever the connection is lost (and retry periodically)
  • Add idle times and status messages to roster display

December 14, 2012 v0.5

  • Add the "Notify me when" notification preferences (room/private room/1:1/@mention)
  • Fix incorrect borders shown when switching tabs (I hope)
  • Properly handle unread counts
  • Fix input area resizing when uploading files

December 13, 2012 v0.4.6

  • Fixes to support 10.6/10.7 (not using Cocoa Auto Layout)
  • Cleanup for Lobby - focus chats on click
  • ⌘-W to close settings window (update menu options on window focus)
  • ⌘^F for fullscreen mode
  • ⌘⌥ no longer switches tabs - it will select words of text as expected :)

December 11, 2012 v0.4.4

  • Respect pref for playing sounds / showing toasters

December 11, 2012 v0.4.3

  • Attempt to ignore Sparkle updater error for now

December 11, 2012 v0.4.2

  • Don't close 1:1 chats when other people close their chat
  • Fix saving autojoin prefs when closing settings window

December 11, 2012 v0.4.1

  • Fix crash related to receiving a new private message
  • Save preferences on window close

December 10, 2012 v0.4

  • Fixed a number of crashes and freezing issues
  • Added unread count to app icon
  • Added idle detection (app will go idle after 5m)
  • Fixed an issue where room rosters weren't updating with presence data

December 8, 2012 v0.3

  • Fixes fox freezing and crashing issues
  • Bold names when using @mention autocomplete
  • Performance improvements

December 6, 2012 v0.2

  • Fix some issuing causing crashes when loading initial data
  • Sort roster by status (sort options to come)

December 6, 2012 v0.1

  • Initial build