Release Notes

September 4, 2015 v3.3.6

  • Improved: The help popup in the upper right of the app has shrunk and the "marketingy" stuff has been cut off
  • Fixed: Deleted emoticons will now be properly removed upon app load or reconnection
  • Fixed: Improved security surrounding potentially malicious links pasted in chat
  • Fixed: Added a safeguard against the "lost all my tabs" bug that some users reported - please let us know if you encounter this issue after upgrading (by dropping us an email at

June 23, 2015 v3.3.2

  • Improved: Better reconnection behavior to avoid unnecessary load on the servers
  • Fixed: Resolved a crash some users were experiencing on startup

June 15, 2015 v3.3.1

  • Improved: Removed the organization name from toaster notifications when you only have one account. You don't need to see that.
  • Fixed: Avoid crash related to creating a room
  • Fixed: Signing out will clear any saved credentials. Users sharing a computer no longer need to remember to remove their account to avoid others signing into it.
  • Fixed: ⌘-tabbing to a full-screen HipChat should properly put focus in the message box
  • Fixed: (10.8 systems) The client won't crash anymore when you create a room and invite people
  • Fixed: Using /dnd (and other presence slash commands) will now properly set your status message instead of just changing your availability
  • Fixed: Improved error messaging around missing password issues

June 6, 2015 v3.3

  • New: Now connect multiple HipChat accounts! Add your other accounts in Preferences.
  • Improved: Reconnection! Faster, more stable reconnection.
  • Fixed: Avoid automatically selecting "Airplay" devices when making audio or video calls
  • Changed: The client now uses port 5223 for its main connection - please ensure your firewalls are up-to-date.

February 5, 2015 v3.2.1

  • Fixes a couple frequent crashes on 10.7 and 10.8 systems related to in-app invite

January 29, 2015 v3.2

  • New: In-app invite! Added new UI to invite from within the app
  • Out with the old: This is the last build that will support OS X 10.7. Added a deprecation warning suggesting users upgrade.
  • Improved: The app will more reliably attempt to reconnect, particularly in that super-common case of waking your laptop from sleep
  • Fixed: Got rid of an odd issue where history would sometimes not display when waking a laptop from sleep
  • Fixed: The dialog for joining a new chat will now properly accept non-alphanumeric characters, like # and (
  • Fixed: Updated the 3.2 release to fix some hanging issues in the original

December 29, 2014 v3.1.6

  • Improved: Reconnection logic. The app should never go long periods of time without detecting a loss of network.
  • Fixed: Closing a tab will no longer cause the currently focused tab to change
  • Fixed: The forgot password link now points to the correct place when connecting via HipChat Server
  • Fixed: Blank images inserted by API messages should no longer cause empty history for rooms
  • Fixed: New rooms are now properly added to the app when they are created by another user

November 25, 2014 v3.1

  • New: The Lobby tab has migrated to become one with the "New Chat" button in the header
  • Improved: Updated smiley emoticons. They now blend better with Yosemite's flat design and won't be quite so cramped when displayed next to each other.
  • Improved: Reduce the loading spinner assault on app load (now you will only see one spinner while we fetch all your information on launch)
  • Fixed: Removed that weird partial-blur effect from the autocomplete popups on Yosemite
  • Fixed: A bunch of of small text tweaks and other bug fixes

October 28, 2014 v3.0.13

  • Fixed: Added checks to prevent an issue that could cause the app to freeze up (particularly on OS X Yosemite)
  • Fixed: Rooms will now properly populate in the Lobby during initial sign in instead of being limited to just your open tabs
  • Fixed: XSS security issue related to unsafe schemes
  • Fixed: Popup notifications will now properly show when the app is focused and you receive a message in another tab
  • Fixed: Resolved several issues around history not loading in rooms containing API notifications
  • Fixed: Resolved a crashing issue prevalent on 10.7
  • Fixed: Cycling through sent message history should now behave properly when editing or re-sending old messages
  • Fixed: Whitespace in HTML system messages should now display properly between HTML tags
  • Improved: HipChat now compresses .app and .key "files" before uploading

October 16, 2014 v3.0.9

  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where the input area for messages would disappear after performing a search
  • Improved: Added left borders to system messages to help differentiate them from regular chat messages
  • Improved: Toggling pasted text with "Show more" will no longer cause text to jump erratically
  • Fixed: Added a fix to prevent 1-1 messages that trigger a tab to open from appearing twice in the chat view
  • Changed: Removed the lobby footer display. Check out the new information / help icon in the header!

October 2, 2014 v3.0.6

  • New - Users on OS X 10.9 and above can now reply to Notification Center popups in-line
  • New - Added new help button to the app header
  • Fixed - Hitting enter multiple times when uploading a file will no longer upload multiple copies of the file
  • Improved - Profile pictures are now resized to be consistently square and keep the header pretty
  • Improved - App polish - more consistent fonts and spacing

September 18, 2014 v3.0.4

  • Fixed - Audio now works with USB headsets
  • Fixed - /quote and /code no longer replace emoticons and links with HTML
  • Fixed - Private rooms will properly show a gray dot for users not currently in the room
  • Fixed - Image toggle icons are once again visible to those without super vision
  • Fixed - No troll "X"s - the close "X" will properly display on the next tab after closing a tab with your mouse
  • Fixed - 1-1 messages won't cause duplicate messages at the bottom of the chat when triggering a tab to open
  • Fixed - Resolved an issue where sometimes the chat view and selected tab would become mismatched (mostly 1-1s)
  • Fixed - Tabs will no longer jump to the bottom of their section after opening a new chat
  • Fixed - Lots of crashes (awyeah)
  • Improved - Better contrast for messages with colored backgrounds
  • Improved - Reduced input field to a single line instead of that weird 1.8 lines it used to be
  • Improved - Guest access isn't so in-your-face anymore - it has found a new home in the top level menu and as part of the "room options" button
  • Improved - Reduced height of top "profile" bar in rooms and 1-1s.

September 3, 2014 v3.0

  • New - Redesigned HipChat with a simpler and lighter interface
  • New - Redesigned header with quick access to search, presence, and settings
  • New - Redesigned (and faster) Lobby with quick search
  • New - Presence icons to improve accessibility
  • New - Emoticon autocomplete (awyeah)
  • New - Sidebar now separates People and Rooms
  • New - 1-to-1 chat design with user's local time
  • New - Unread message counts for messages and @mentions
  • New - Indicator when unread chats are offscreen
  • New - 'New chat' button in the header to help new users join 1-1 chats and rooms faster
  • Improved - 'Empty state' display when chats, sidebars, or the lobby are void of information
  • Improved - Search results

June 11, 2014 v2.6

  • Search results are now shown within the app
  • Added loading indicators during login
  • Fixed various crashing issues
  • Improved messaging around errors and reconnecting

May 9, 2014 v2.5.6

  • Feedback received! Updated logo to be more fitting on OS X

May 2, 2014 v2.5.5

  • Updated logo!
  • Updated ringtones for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Open chats (and tab order) will now be saved immediately before quitting the app
  • The client should no longer crash when opening the preferences window before logging in
  • Added fixes for various background crashing issues
  • The "remember me" checkbox will now properly forget passwords between client restarts
  • Name and email should be pre-filled on the crash reporting UI

April 22, 2014 v2.5.4

  • Tabs should no longer disappear on startup or when waking from sleep
  • Updates to users, emoticons, and rooms should now properly appear without having to restart the client
  • Fixed video crashing issue on computers running 10.7
  • Various fixes for crashes around reconnecting and loading rooms

April 4, 2014 v2.5.2

  • Fixed awful performance issue caused by quickly switching tabs
  • Various other minor crash fixes

April 1, 2014 v2.5.1

  • Audio / Video calling will now work on machines running 10.7 (Lion)
  • Fixed an issue where cached data was getting stored at an improper location
  • Video feedback UI will now show after all calls
  • Various crashing issues have been fixed, particularly around video calls
  • Fixed an issue where all history messages would trigger notifications on app load

March 18, 2014 v2.5

  • Video is now in public beta! Make 1:1 video and audio calls and share screens with other users on OSX, Android, iOS, or web chat. Please note, we are working to resolve an issue on systems running 10.7 - video may not work for 10.7 users.
  • That crazy Google translate link that's been going around will no longer crash the app
  • Fixed a significant performance issue while loading the Lobby.
  • Added fixes for various crashing issues throughout the app

November 4, 2013 v2.4

  • Mavericks: Selecting users during private room creation now uses type-to-select UI
  • Mavericks: The "Uploading file..." message will now properly disappear after the file finishes uploading
  • Mavericks: Fixed performance issue with hovering over tabs and rows in the Lobby
  • Added @here option to trigger @-mention notifications only for people currently active in the room
  • Improved idle detection. Should now work with programs like Synergy.
  • Display mention names for guest users
  • Multi-byte characters should now properly display in popup (Growl) notifications
  • Added a preference section for HipChat Server. Interested in beta-testing? Let us know at
  • Add /clear slash command to clear out chat history in the current tab
  • Guest users should now be properly removed from rosters when they leave the room
  • Updated guest access toggle with clearer UI
  • Room topics will now reflect changes initiated by the API
  • You may now click in order to select an item from the @-mention autocomplete popup
  • File size for pasted image data (before uploading) has been corrected
  • Added a minimum window size to avoid having the Lobby tab disappear
  • Spelling correction preferences are now shared among chats and remembered between sessions
  • Tabbing (and shift-tabbing) through the message input, emoticon button, upload button, and send button should now work as expected
  • Fixed issue with links containing the <, >, or & characters after them
  • Right clicking to download files will now pre-fill the proper file name
  • Stability fixes to avoid crashing, particularly around startup/reconnection
  • Hitting CMD+W while in the Lobby will now close the main window

August 15, 2013 v2.3

  • Clicking on links in the files tab will no longer crash the client (oops)

August 14, 2013 v2.2

  • Fix an issue with escaping certain characters in messages

August 13, 2013 v2.1

  • Chats will now trigger notifications if the tab is not focused, even if the app is in the foreground
  • The up and down keys will no longer cycle through sent message history (cmd+up/down will continue to work as normal)
  • Using page up and page down in the input box will now scroll the chat
  • URLs behind HTTP basic auth will no longer trigger a popup
  • Separated various notifications in Growl. This will allow users to control them individually from Growl's preferences.
  • Fixed a bug when setting topics with html strings
  • Users can now remain in DND status when their computer goes idle
  • "User is typing..." messages won't disappear when you send a message now
  • Fix for displaying long links with the & character in them
  • Guests will now properly be removed from the room roster when they disconnect
  • Better handling of non-html system messages
  • When creating a room, the topic entered will now actually be used (oops)

June 20, 2013 v2.0

  • Fixed a severe performance issue (from 0.36) when loading chats
  • Fix link alignment in topics
  • Avoid requiring use of dedicated GPU
  • Updated missing retina images

June 18, 2013 v0.36

  • Fix for broken "Show full text" links

June 14, 2013 v0.35

  • The unread divider now clears when the app loses focus
  • Added an option to enable/disable the unread divider
  • Various changes to avoid background crashes
  • Fix issue where trying to undo too many times would cause an internal crash
  • Revised context menu in chat and added support for downloading files
  • Updated About window
  • Fixed error handling when creating new rooms
  • Multi-line messages will now display emoticons / links/ @-mentions and not display in monospaced font. For monospace, please use the "/quote" command
  • Added the "Create Room" button back to the lobby
  • Fixed the O:) emoticons

May 21, 2013 v0.34

  • The emoticon menu is back :)
  • Added an "unread" bar to show messages received since the chat was last viewed
  • Fix for issue where creating a new room would trigger invites upon subsequent joins
  • Guest members in rooms will now show with the proper icon
  • Revamped the style of the login window
  • Clicking your photo next to the status display will now bring you to a page where you can change it
  • The app will no longer show more than one settings window
  • Fix for issue where loading previous history would sometimes skip blocks of time, resulting in missing history
  • Using cmd+T to open rooms now works more easily with accented characters
  • Added help menus for keyboard shortcuts and emoticons
  • Proper default values for notification preferences

May 1, 2013 v0.32

  • Added room control functionality (delete, add/remove users, change privacy, archive) available through the menu or via the lobby
  • Room owners will now show as bold in the room roster
  • Fixed a bug where copying removed text between emoticons
  • The lobby and tab sidebar will now update properly when room information changes (name/privacy setting)
  • Handle users getting removed from the group (tabs should no longer show up as empty for deleted users)
  • Fixed an issue where messages would occasionally fail to get sent to other users when after closing and reopening tabs
  • Send typing notifications to other clients
  • Messages sent before history is finished loading should now send properly after loading finishes

April 15, 2013 v0.31

  • Files and links sidebar
  • Added option to show release notes (Help -> Release Notes)
  • Fixes for various crashing issues
  • Added volume control for sound notifications
  • Guest access is now disabled for non-admins (instead of showing an error message when clicked)
  • Truncate tab names at the end instead of in the middle
  • Pressing "enter" will now correctly set the topic instead of doing nothing
  • Emails within links should no longer break linkification
  • Fixed an issue where sending certain characters caused the client to disconnect
  • Added right-click menu to the dock icon for setting status
  • @-mentions within parentheses should now highlight correctly
  • Pasting text no longer collapses multiple empty lines

April 5, 2013 v0.30

  • Tabs will no longer be added when copying only a single line of text
  • Using /code will now add pretty formatting to code pastes

March 29, 2013 v0.29

  • Fix for missing messages in rooms. Missing messages in 1:1 chat should have been fixed with an update in v0.27
  • Copying text from the chat will now format more nicely for pasting elsewhere

March 27, 2013 v0.28

  • Fixed an issue where the app did not refresh properly when reconnecting

March 26, 2013 v0.27

  • Roster and emoticon changes should now be reflected without having to restart the app or sign out/in
  • Fixed a handful of crashes around mentioning and showing link previews
  • Enabled clicking on autocomplete results for room invite and room joining popups
  • Display messages when users are added or removed form private rooms
  • Non-custom emoticons are now checked in a caseless manner - both :p and :P should now work

March 19, 2013 v0.26

  • Fix message input to not go under the attach file button
  • Manually trigger reconnect on laptop wake
  • Don't show raw html in popup notifications
  • Drag & drop of file data should properly pre-fill the filename field more reliably
  • Only highlight @-mentions when the mention name matches an existing user
  • Show full names when hovering over @-mentions
  • Fix gif auto-hiding
  • Another potential fix for messages not showing up in chat despite getting a notification correctly. If you continue to have the issue, please let us know at

March 13, 2013 v0.24

  • Add UI for setting status message after setting status
  • Added shortcuts to toggle sidebars (ctrl+cmd+left/right)
  • Updated preferences window, removed some unused prefs
  • Tweaks for handling window/pane resizing - avoid too little space for sections
  • Added file attachment button to chat views
  • Don't trigger notifications while in Do Not Disturb status
  • Handle remember me checkbox properly
  • Fixed an issue where the message input wouldn't focus by clicking the chat area after a reconnect

March 8, 2013 v0.23

  • Potential fix for missing messages issue (receive notification but no message shown in chat)
  • Added CMD+OPT+Up/Down tab-switching shortcut
  • Fix for issue causing crashes when waking from sleep

March 5, 2013 v0.22

  • Guest access can now be toggled via the normal UI in below the room roster
  • Users can now be invited to a room via the Room -> Invite Users... menu or ⌘I
  • Added a shortcut (^-SHIFT-T) and menu item for changing room topics
  • Font size modifications are now preserved between sessions and will also control font size within the message input area
  • The lobby will now refresh on focus (adding/removing rooms as appropriate)
  • Having a modal dialog showing will no longer cause the client to prevent a system shutdown
  • Previous message history can be accessed via ⌘-Up/Down (or regular Up/Down)
  • The message input should now focus correctly whenever the main window receives focus
  • Tabs may be closed via middle-click
  • Hitting enter while on the UI to rename a file upload will now focus the message input area
  • Fix retina icons
  • System messages with the "notify" parameter set will now properly show toaster notifications
  • Shift+enter now inserts a newline into the message input area
  • Fix for an issue causing the client to sometimes crash when switching tabs
  • Added search UI in the lobby (auto-focused when viewing the lobby)
  • The reconnect message should no longer get stuck displayed after reconnecting
  • Correctly show notice when sent messages are not confirmed by the server

February 19, 2013 v0.21

  • Add cmd+f to bring up search UI
  • Added retina versions for app icons
  • Handle dragging images from browsers
  • Add UI for changing topic (double click topic bar)
  • Don't trigger notifications when the app is focused
  • Add functions for controlling font size (cmd +/-, menu options)
  • The signup and help links on the login screen should no longer show "Random error messages"
  • Set window title when focusing a chat
  • Allow cycling through tabs with keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix font for email in profile sidebar

February 12, 2013 v0.19

  • Update to fix crashing issue caused by roster handling
  • NOTE: Some users may need to sign out in order to clear existing caches before the client loads properly

February 8, 2013 v0.18

  • Additional fixes for handling presence / prevent users from displaying offline unexpectedly
  • Clicking on tabs while the app in the background will switch tabs
  • Files can be dropped in the chat area to trigger an upload

February 6, 2013 v0.17

  • Feedback button should properly prompt users to sign in with their HipChat credentials
  • Resizing window will now delegate size changes to center panel
  • Handle invite notifications
  • Sync tab openings between clients
  • Fixes for avoiding "everyone is offline" or "I show up as offline" issues

February 1, 2013 v0.16

  • Fixed an issue where the current user would show up as offline in their status even after logging in
  • Clicking on the dock icon after "X"ing out will now re-show the main window
  • Switching between the lobby and other chats should now correctly focus the message input
  • Clear password when logging out
  • 1:1 messages which cause tabs to open should properly display the initial message in the history (re-fixed from previous version)
  • Clicking in the chat view will focus the message input. Double-clicking to highlight should work as expected.
  • Updated feedback icon
  • Various performance improvements (especially for larger groups)
  • Very small files (<1K) now display the correct size
  • Fixed an issue where files would fail to upload in 1:1 chats

January 29, 2013 v0.15

  • Various fixes for crashes getting reported via new crash report UI
  • Highlight tabs with "blue" mentions (@all/@) in yellow
  • Prevent initial message from failing to display in 1:1: chats
  • Correctly sync indexes of tabs for auto join
  • Clicking on the chat area will now focus the message input field
  • Fix error message for entering a bad password
  • Fix display of room leave messages
  • Tabs should now properly re-highlight according to unread state upon reconnecting

January 25, 2013 v0.14

  • Add UI for reporting crashes (Apple's crash reports don't go to us)
  • Add cmd+option+left/right for switching tabs
  • Proper font for message input
  • Cleanup for uploading files (show file size / fix uploading image files)
  • The join chat UI will now put first-word maches above others
  • s/// messages you sent should no longer trigger a double-replacements
  • Fixes for tab syncing with other clients

January 23, 2013 v0.13

  • Disable autocorrect in message input box
  • Increase update check frequency
  • Use correct font for text in message input area
  • Don't force the app into the foreground on reconnect
  • Handle substitution (s/// messages)
  • Various performance and error-handling improvements

January 19, 2013 v0.12

  • Fix for 10.7 issues (hover in lobby, clicking on tabs)
  • Show latest news at bottom of lobby

January 18, 2013 v0.11

  • Cleanup for some background roster operations - should reduce random crashes users have experienced
  • Center status icons (were a pixel off)
  • Hopefully improve lobby highlight in 10.7
  • Enable the send button in chat view (troll)
  • Add cmd-shift-t to reopen last tab
  • Fix click area for tabs in 10.7

January 9, 2013 v0.10

  • Initial create room flow (cmd-shift-n or File -> New Chat)
  • Cmd-9 now goes to the last tab as designed
  • Pasting images from Chrome (via "Copy Image") should work as expected (possibly from other programs as well)
  • Added button linking to help / feedback forum

January 3, 2013 v0.9

  • Better autocomplete for joining chats (search on words)
  • Fix for scrolling after reconnection
  • Don't show users in private rooms as active if they're not in the room
  • Tab dragging
  • Tabs should no longer remain red after viewing them

December 29, 2012 v0.8

  • Better handling of disconnection, reconnection, and displaying errors on login
  • Show room topics
  • Tabs will now highlight whenever a new message is received. Unread counts only go up based on notification prefs.
  • Show profile data for 1:1 chats
  • Fix arc4random_uniform crash issue on 10.6
  • Send idle times up to server (users running the mac client should now show idle times as expected)

December 21, 2012 v0.7

  • NOTE: The "Reconnect now" link is not working yet (known issue :)
  • The reconnection popup should no longer randomly pop up when the connection isn't actually lost
  • Always scroll so the selected tab is visible
  • Scroll up to load history
  • Better memory management for chats
  • Hide autocomplete if there are no matches
  • Clean up some disconnection / logout logic to avoid stale data
  • Added code to avoid id's in the roster instead of names
  • Closing the current chat should now properly focus the newly selected chat

December 19, 2012 v0.6

  • Fix for chats view not updating when closing / switching tabs
  • Memory leak fix when logging out
  • Show uploading view when uploading files
  • "X" on tabs should not suddenly highlight when opening/closing tabs
  • Notifications should now fall back to Notification Center if Growl isn't installed
  • Handle notification clicks
  • Focus message input when the app receives focus (avoid cmd-tab, can't type problem)
  • Reconnect whenever the connection is lost (and retry periodically)
  • Add idle times and status messages to roster display

December 14, 2012 v0.5

  • Add the "Notify me when" notification preferences (room/private room/1:1/@mention)
  • Fix incorrect borders shown when switching tabs (I hope)
  • Properly handle unread counts
  • Fix input area resizing when uploading files

December 13, 2012 v0.4.6

  • Fixes to support 10.6/10.7 (not using Cocoa Auto Layout)
  • Cleanup for Lobby - focus chats on click
  • ⌘-W to close settings window (update menu options on window focus)
  • ⌘^F for fullscreen mode
  • ⌘⌥ no longer switches tabs - it will select words of text as expected :)

December 11, 2012 v0.4.4

  • Respect pref for playing sounds / showing toasters

December 11, 2012 v0.4.3

  • Attempt to ignore Sparkle updater error for now

December 11, 2012 v0.4.2

  • Don't close 1:1 chats when other people close their chat
  • Fix saving autojoin prefs when closing settings window

December 11, 2012 v0.4.1

  • Fix crash related to receiving a new private message
  • Save preferences on window close

December 10, 2012 v0.4

  • Fixed a number of crashes and freezing issues
  • Added unread count to app icon
  • Added idle detection (app will go idle after 5m)
  • Fixed an issue where room rosters weren't updating with presence data

December 8, 2012 v0.3

  • Fixes fox freezing and crashing issues
  • Bold names when using @mention autocomplete
  • Performance improvements

December 6, 2012 v0.2

  • Fix some issuing causing crashes when loading initial data
  • Sort roster by status (sort options to come)

December 6, 2012 v0.1

  • Initial build