Awesome team.

Awesome office.

Awesome billboard.

In the past few years HipChat has become the chat tool loved by Quora, Instagram, Tumblr, Wired, and thousands of other great companies. We've been shipping features like crazy but need people to help us take it to the next level.

Why HipChat?

  • Huge impact - Thousands of the brightest teams rely on HipChat to bring their companies together and get work done. You'll be designing, building, and shipping features that they'll love.
  • Independence - We're hiring great people and letting them do what they do best. No handholding or micromanaging. Plus, we actually use our 20% time and ShipIt days to build cool stuff.
  • Part of a great company - Right now we're a small team inside Atlassian's beautiful San Francisco office. Atlassian lives by their strong company values and they have a customer list even more impressive than our own.

What we're looking for.

Qt Engineer

As a Qt Engineer you'll be responsible for the development of our Windows and Linux desktop applications which are used daily by tens of thousands of users worldwide. We are looking for someone with the experience needed to create polished and stable applications that are a joy to use. You will be supported by robust backend systems, mature protocols, and an experienced team with a strong desire to build the best chat and collaboration platform out there.


  • Strong C++ skills
  • Experience using Qt to build desktop applications
  • Knowledge of frontend web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Strong user empathy and sense of UI aesthetic

Bonus points

  • Personal projects showing your skills building desktop applications
  • Exposure to XMPP/Jabber, IRC, or other chat protocols
  • Experience creating and maintaining Linux packages or Windows MSI installers
  • Knowledge of COM programming and Windows quirks
  • Able to make sense of X11 window flags and the Linux multimedia stack
  • Filed or fixed Qt bugs
  • Ability to convey complex thoughts using emoticons only



Have other skills that'd compliment our team? We're always happy to talk to smart people, so drop us a note at


If you know of a great developer who fits the build, we’ll give you a referral bonus.