Working at HipChat

Come join our talented team dedicated to improving communication in the workplace. Thousands of great companies trust HipChat with their communication, and we need people like you to help us take it to the next level. 

Why HipChat

Huge impact

Thousands of the brightest teams rely on HipChat to bring their companies together and get work done. You'll be designing, building, and shipping features that they'll love.


Independence - We're hiring great people and letting them do what they do best. No handholding or micromanaging. Plus, we actually use our 20% time and ShipIt days to build cool stuff.

Part of a great Company

The HipChat team is spread across Austin, TX., San Francisco, CA., and Sydney, Australia as a part of Atlassian. Atlassian lives by their strong company values and they have a customer list even more impressive than our own.

What we're looking for

We're hiring in both Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA. Most of the jobs are Austin based, but let us know if you’re in SF. Naturally, we’d help out with relocation expenses (you must be eligible to work in the US). We're always happy to talk to smart people, so if you don’t see a role for you below, drop us a note at If you know of a great developer who fits the build, we’ll give you a referral bonus.


Lots of developers. We're looking for devs to help expand every aspect of our service. We're a fast-paced team that delivers quickly and often. You’ll be responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring, scaling and optimizing the code that powers HipChat. You should have a very particular set of skills that you have acquired in one of these areas:

  • OS X or iOS development
  • Front-end development
  • Android development
  • Qt development
  • Python development
  • PHP development
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Show us a project or your Bitbucket or GitHub profile.

Product Managers

Help guide the product that lets thousands of team do amazing work together. You'll build strong customer relationships and understand our market, our position and drive our strategy. You'll use data to help us make good decisions about what we build and when we build it. You'll own product features from idea to launch.

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Show us something you've built.


Help bring HipChat to every team on the planet—and improve the way they work. You will be responsible for guiding all communications, product marketing, events, and community development. You'll use data to drive where the money gets spent. You'll help shape our strategy in a dynamic new market.

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Send us samples of your work.


HipChat is growing like mad, and we need people like you to help us scale. We're looking for people with experience deploying and optimizing tech like MySQL, Redis, and Elastic Search using Amazon Web Services. You'll manage the care and feeding of a complex and growing system while improving capacity and performance.

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Tell us about a service you worked on.

QA Engineers

As we grow, we have to fight hard to keep our quality bar high. We need a self-motivated QA Engineer who loves collaborating closely with developers, exploratory testing, and will drive improvements in our quality tools and process. You'll help deliver great experiences that our customers love and help us ship high-quality code faster.

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Tell us how you improved quality.


You'll work in a tightly-knit team, side-by-side with developers and product managers to build a product that people will love. You will be responsible for the complete user experience, from research to idea to implementation to measurement. You'll be able to contribute strongly with either UX and or visual design (or both). And you'll know how to prioritize to have the greatest impact on our customers and drive HipChat growth.

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Show us your portfolio.


Have other skills that'd compliment our team? We're always happy to talk to smart people, so drop us a note at


If you know of a great developer who fits the build, we’ll give you a referral bonus.