API Reference version 2

Update user


Update a user. A guest cannot be updated.

Path parameters

Type Parameter Description Required?
string id_or_email

The id, email address, or mention name (beginning with an '@') of the user to update.


Request body

Type Property Description Required?
string name

User's full name

Valid length range: 1 - 50.

array roles

The list of roles for the user

string title

User's title

object presence

Presence information for the user

May be null.

string status

The status message of the user

May be null.

string show

The status to show for the user

May be null.

string mention_name

User's @mention name

boolean is_group_admin

Whether or not this user is an admin

string timezone

User's timezone. Must be a supported timezone

Defaults to 'UTC'.

string password

User's password. If not provided, the existing password is kept.

string email

User's email

204 No content


  • Changing a user's name or admin status will cause them to be briefly disconnected.
  • Only works on non-deleted users
  • Any missing fields will be treated as deleted, so it is recommended to get the user, modify what you need, then call this resource to update