API Reference version 2

Get all webhooks


Gets all webhooks for this room

Path parameters

Type Parameter Description Required?
string room_id_or_name

The id or url encoded name of the room

Valid length range: 1 - 100.


Query parameters

Type Parameter Description Required?
integer start-index

The start index for the result set

Defaults to 0.

integer max-results

The maximum number of results.

Valid length range: 0 - 1000.

Defaults to 100.

200 application/json
Type Property Description Required?
array items

An array of the following objects.

string name

The label for this webhook

object links

URLs to retrieve webhook information

string self

The URL to use to retrieve the full webhook information

string url

The URL to send the webhook POST to

string pattern

The regular expression pattern to match against messages. Only applicable for message events.

string event

The event to listen for

Valid values: room_archived, room_created, room_deleted, room_enter, room_exit, room_file_upload, room_message, room_notification, room_topic_change, room_unarchived.

string authentication

The authentication method for this webhook

Valid values: jwt, none.

Defaults to 'none'.

string key

The unique key of the webhook in the context of the integration

integer id

The webhook ID

integer startIndex

The start index for this set of results.

integer maxResults

The maximum number of results returned.

Valid length range: 1 - 1000.

object links

An object with the following properties.

string self

The URL for this resource.

string prev

The URL to retrieve the previous set of results.

string next

The URL to retrieve the next page of results.