API Reference version 2

Create user


Creates a new user.

Request body

Type Property Description Required?
string name

User's full name

Valid length range: 1 - 50.

array roles

The list of roles for the user

string title

User's title

string mention_name

User's @mention name

boolean is_group_admin

Whether or not this user is an admin

Defaults to false.

string timezone

User's timezone. Must be a supported timezone

Defaults to 'UTC'.

string password

User's password. If not provided, a randomly generated password will be returned.

string email

User's email

201 application/json
Type Property Description Required?
str | int id

The unique identifier for the created entity

object links

An object with the following properties.

string self Required


  • If you don't specify a password you must record the one returned in the response as it can not be retrieved again.
  • To un-delete an existing user, you can call this resource