API Reference version 2

Create room


Creates a new room.

Request body

Type Property Description Required?
string name

Name of the room

Valid length range: 1 - 50.

string privacy

Whether the room is available for access by other users or not

Valid values: public, private.

Defaults to 'public'.

boolean delegate_admin_visibility

Whether the room is visible to delegate admins. Leave null to use the group default

May be null.

string topic

The topic for the new room

May be null.

str | int owner_user_id

The id, email address, or mention name (beginning with an '@') of the room's owner. Defaults to the current user

boolean guest_access

Whether or not to enable guest access for this room.

Defaults to false.

201 application/json
Type Property Description Required?
str | int id

The unique identifier for the created entity

object links

An object with the following properties.

string self Required